Friday, May 9, 2008

Hot Seat

I did some posts on the High Line in NYC back in March (along with it's fine French predecessor) - and have been tracking it for a bit. There's been some movement in construction, which I will get to in a bit, for now - I just love this one too much not to post it right now... enjoy.

:: images via Curbed NY

This idea of rolling furniture fulfills a few functions. On one hand, it brings up the wonderful adaptation strategy of public space advocated by many, including William Whyte - that movable furnishings allow people to customize the spaces they inhabit. Although constrained to one direction in this case - it's a step in this direction. Second, and potentially as powerful, is this simple way of reconnecting in a very inventive way to the historical railyard context in a functional, not just ornamental way.

:: images via Curbed NY


  1. An idea copied from a project in England by Martha Schwartz...


  2. True... a recent post mentioned the project with a pic from Schwartz's Manchester Exchange Square, with rolling 'cart' benches... which look to use actual narrow gauge train wheels.


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