Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Veg.itecture #33

Clearing the files of backed up projects (to make way for the new, of course)... a brief, in text, and long, in photos, version of Veg.itecture... it's definitely got variety, although you can see the disparity between built and representative projects...

A colorful green roof atop ECOSpace, in Dunfermline, United Kingdom, by RMJM (now about the site...)

:: image via WAN

The Literacy for Environmental Justice by Toby Long Design with green roof, illustratively in perspective and plan.

:: images via Jetson Green

10000 Santa Monica Boulevard, by Jean Nouvel.

:: image via Bustler

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, by Belzberg Architects.

:: image via Bustler

Some out-of-this-world vegitecture from the nvidia 'nvart challenge'... the complex at the centre of the universe’ by staszek marek, poland

:: image via designboom

The City Quay, Waterford, Ireland by m3 architects

:: images via WAN

The Chicago Children's Museum by Krueck + Sexton Architects

:: image via WAN

From designboom: "'MEtreePOLIS' is a project based on developments in the field of genetic manipulation a 100 years from now, that could modify plants into power producers. designed by hollwichkushner architects, new york."

:: image via designboom

Shulman + Associates Fairwind Hotel in Miami, Fla. USA.

:: image via WAN

And finally the knut hamsun center by steven holl.

:: image via designboom

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