Monday, May 4, 2009

VIVA: 1-10

The flip side of the VIA 10 spots is the Veg.itecture in Visual Assessment - looking at the latest and greatest in representational vegetated architecture. Lots to see here.


:: image via Bustler

VIVA 2: Realize Hudson Rise

VIVA 3: Green Wall in Cordoba

:: images via Urban Greenery

VIVA 4: Living in the Plants
:: image via Bustler
VIVA 5: Fort Lola

:: images via Arch Daily
VIVA 6: Railway Cover

:: images via Design Under Sky

VIVA 7: Concept Art by Naomi Reis

:: images via Urban Greenery

VIVA 8: National Children's Museum

:: images via Arch Daily

VIVA 9: Concept Vertical Garden

:: image via Urban Greenery

VIVA 10: Villa Panorama

:: image via Arch Daily

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