Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chutes and Ladders

Hear this transit authorities, we need more of these in the urban realm... the 'Transfer Accelerator' is real life chutes and ladders, in this case a slide as a bypass to crowded stairway at the train station of Utrecht Overvecht designed by Utrecht-based firm HIK Ontwerpers.  Function and whimsy.  Gotta love it.

:: image via Dorpspomp Overvecht

Check the video too for the experience...


  1. Perfect, not only faster way down the stairs but fun too.

  2. Cute design. Did anyone ever think that many people reach the age of 50 and higher? or are pregnant? And plenty of younger individuals get herniated disks. Of what use is such design to them?

  3. Yeah Bob, I don't think this is the singular solution to pedestrian movement and no one is saying replace all of the stairways with slides (it does proposed the issue of how one gets up) - it's rather an option for the able bodied - along with stairs and elevators for a wide range of users with ranges of movement... the idea of the 'transfer accelerator' is implying that this speedy bypass takes some of the pressure off these other modes - making it more open and accessible for all. That said, i think it's more of a novelty than an actual transportation option - kind of like streetcars :) kidding!

  4. At fifty I find every opportunity to bring out "my inner child". I'm in it!

  5. yee, skaters gonna love it :)

  6. Yee, skaters gonna love it too :)


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