Monday, November 26, 2007

Reading List: Center 14, On Landscape Urbanism

I just received this copy of Center 14: On Landscape Urbanism, and have yet to delve into it in great depth due to the current Integrating Habitats Competition that i've been working on.

:: Link to Center 14 via Amazon

The interesting fact of the book is its scope, ranging from some of the initial pre-landscape urbanism thinkers that have paved the way to current theory (Ian McHarg, Pierce Lewis, Anne Whiston Spirn, to name a few), along with the typical cast of characters (Corner, Waldheim, Allen, etc.) that have become synonymous with the landscape urbanism movement. The goal, aside from comprehensiveness, is to provide a summary textbook format for teaching as well. This is a great companion to the steadily increasing library for landscape urbanism reading.

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