Monday, November 26, 2007


This is set up to be my clearinghouse of musings on Landscape Urbanism, Landscape Architecture, and Planning, Design and related subjects. I'm not really planning on this for public consumption, rather an electronic journal of things that interest me, a chance to write more often, and an outlet for thoughts. But if perchance someone happens to stop by, welcome and feel free to contribute/comment.

My interest in landscape urbanism as a specific topic has been relatively recent, but upon discussion and further investigation, i realized that many ideas that i have been interested in over the years have threads in common with landscape urbanist theory, and really struck me as a vital theoretical outlet. My interests in general are diverse, so my guess is that the content will wander, but a concept like landscape urbanism seems to have enough breadth to accomodate a perpetual generalist.

So onward...

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  1. Hey Jason,

    I recently started a similar blog over at You have a lot of great posts. Like you I started one to keep a journal or site where I could collect cool articles, photos, on landscape architecture. I'll probably post some stuff that I find on your blog just to remind myself of it.



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