Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Resources & Blogs Galore

It was time for some reevaluation of the goals and objectives of the site, which should actually begin to take shape. In the interim, this just in... a bevy of recent readings that have required some study to determine if they are worthy... still a dearth of landscape blogs.

1. Rumors have been floating around, so new in Portland, from former Oregonian Architecture and Arts writer Randy Gragg, is Portland Spaces magazine. As a self-professed magazine junky (hello, my name is Jason, and I am a magazine whore...) another magazine with some regional cache is much welcome. There are also some fledgling blogs on the site, to keep tabs on the scene.

:: image via Portland Architecture

While Portland gets some coverage in other magazines, such as Arcade Journal, the local landscape scene is pretty dismal (read: Homes and Gardens supplement in the Oregonian and their newly minted Homes+Gardens Northwest magazine, which is a glossy version of the same crappy Thursday fold-out). Another 'Northwest' oriented magazine - it get's a bit confusing, is Northwest Home, which is better, but Puget-Sound centric. And occasionally, we find something worthwhile in Sunset Magazine, although it's very unlikely. Anyone know of some others I missed?

I am running to get a copy, now.

Thanks to Brian Libby's most excellent and informative Portland blog that doesn't clutter my coffee table at Portland Architecture for the heads up on this one.

2. A short listing good ones that I have stumbled upon recently (to be added in the sidebar)...
Terrain.org has a blog with some regular content.
Aesthetic Grounds offers a glimpse of public spaces from an arts lens.
My Urband Garden Deco Guide more dwell exteriors than landscape urbanism, but they had me with the feature page on decorative pots, specifically photos of a line from Ego2.

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