Thursday, February 28, 2008

Green Ribbon Design: Heping Park

Here is really compelling project by Perkins+Will for the Heping Park in Tianjin, China, provides elevated ribbons of vegetation defining the roof zones.

:: image via Perkins+Will

Covered in World Architecture Network, the project description is punctuated by 3 large towers, as well as parking and green spaces creating a vegetated canopy that is engaging from street level as well as from above. Daylighting is allowed through circular penetrations in the roof plane:

:: image via WAN

From WAN: "The neighborhood's redevelopment plan includes new high-rise residential construction that will emphasize a higher quality of life through the integration of public green spaces and parklands... The ample green space was achieved by submerging two garage levels below the main park that begins at grade at the west end of the site. Ribbons of green space undulate across the site, admitting light, access and ventilation to the parking below. The green ribbons rise to form a green roof over the three pavilions that form the community center at the eastern end of the site... Various grass textures accentuate the patterns formed by the folds in the park. A variety of paths provide access through the site, emphasizing the pedestrian network at grade."

:: images via WAN
The concept diagrams remind of the vocabulary used in the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle (with the zig-zag form of pedestrian circulation) specifically when seen in the diagrams below. It is unclear how interactive these vegetated spaces will be, as well as the nature of vegetation:

:: images via WAN
The form is interesting, providing a way of articulating a horizontal plane with artificial topography, allowing for building forms to occupy the folds. Hope to see more in the future.

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