Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Veg.itecture: Photo Gallery 2

After spending a solid 12 hour day up and back to Seattle, I'm ready for a quick and easy post. Following up on my recent combing through of the backlog of Inhabitat links, which unearthed a bevy of great stuff related to Vegetated Architecture and more, with more to come.

This reminded me that a month or so back, I posted a string of project photos, via the Archinect Image Gallery and now it's time for round two, because I could zone out and look at cool pics. There are literally thousands of images, so this is definitely a nice cross-section. As I imagined, there is a lot more vegetation on some of the unbuilt/visionary projects - partly because of practicality, partly because of the new green wave that has splashed upon architecture with a verdant thud. Previously, I focussed on the 'built works' so this time I will delve into some other locales such as 'unbuilt' (all images via Archinect, with brief descriptions from website).

:: Public Farm 1 Concept Illustration - Work Architecture

:: Aerospace Campus - FOA

:: tuananh nguyensy office - viet nam

:: Altana AG- Jourdan&Müller

:: unidentified rooftop terrace

:: house near flood control dike

:: PV4all Absolute Green - Geotectura

:: the roots of skyscraper - competition entry

:: Aerial perspective of former 30 acre WalMart and strip mall converted to a sustainable agriculture and industry park, with support for the surrounding neighborhoods.- suburbanRenewal

:: Cadillac Center - practice of surface architecture

:: Venice Museum/Bridge - http://www.nebulousideas.com/

Wow, lots of good stuff... I only made it half way through the 'unbuilt' category - so much more to come. Enjoy the visual and vegetated inspiration.

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