Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rooftop Play

Veering away from pure Vegetated Architecture (a bit), let's hone in on some examples of usable green space - particularly in the realm of sports.

:: images via Marshu

While a tennis match between Agassi and Federer atop the helipad of a Dubai hotel sounds lovely (and a bit dangerous?) - there's a number of more reasonable approaches to rooftop sport that actually include places for the crowd as well. Here are a few. A project with from Jaroslavska, Moscow by Ofis Arhitekti incorporates mixed use with a high-grade football pitch.

:: image via Dezeen

Ok, it's not rooftop, but a fun design anyway from Will Alsop for a London cricket ground, with a ridiculous building, per usual.

:: image via WAN
The project I always turn back to when looking for great examples of on-structure sports is the quasi-rooftop waterfront of Pier 40 in NYC that has parking and multiple soccer fields.

:: image via The Villager

:: image via A VC

Or a variety of rooftop golf scenarios, with a more encompassing and fictional version (top) from Work AC, previously shown here - and a small-scale synthetic version (bottom).

:: image via NY Mag

:: image via Synthetic Turf Illinois

The idea of play can emcompass non-green, capturing usable spaces for sports courts and playgrounds, such as these rooftop playgrounds in NYC, both new (top) and old (bottom).

:: image via Unity Surfacing Systems

:: Early 1900's era rooftop play - image via America's Library

Guess good ideas never get old... get up there and play.


  1. Riverbank State Park in Manhattan is a great example of rooftop athletic space. On top of sewage treatment plant there is an olympic pool and track with artificial turf, a carousel designed by community children, and various playground and picnic facilities and green space.



  2. Thanks Bryan for the heads up on Riverbank State Park... truly one of the best examples of rooftop play...


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