Sunday, June 8, 2008

Career Shifts...

Things in June have been quiet around here while I seriously contemplate a career shift to acting, as a way of increasing my credibility and potential to access high-end 'green' projects... :) And, there have been a few presentations of our habitats entry as well - one for a great local group called ccurbangreen.

Or perhaps I have taken the lead of BLDGBLOG, + parroted by Pruned - to begin posting shorter tidbits and items without Titles (or in my case, taking it to the next level and posting significant amounts without titles and content), just to confound my RSS reader with hundreds of multiple, duplicate postings... it's hard to keep up with the latest new thing on the blog-world.

Seriously, a killer bout of the flu, a birthday and anniversary, and some nice weather for outdoor landscaping and gardening projects have put a summer siesta on posting... Look for more content of substantial nature, related to urban agriculture, veg.itecture, and ecological planning - real soon... so for now, I leave you with a few photos that were both random and pretty - but somehow all related.

:: RMB City - image via Kosmograd

:: Blobwall - image via Arcspace

:: Guandu - image via Inhabitat

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