Friday, June 27, 2008

Go On Safari - Green Roof Style

This intriguing post came via Treehugger, about a new series of tours with the witty Green Roof Safari moniker. Ok, we're probably not going to encounter lions or other megafauna while atop green roofs in Germany and Switzerland, but the ability to interact with this habitat - sounds great. Tours are going in September on two separate dates, and will visit a range of projects, including:

:: Hundertwasser's Waldspirale, Darmstadt - image via Green Roof Safari

:: Green Roofs in Stuttgart - image via Green Roof Safari

:: Stuttgart, Germany 50,000 m2 Distribution Center - image via Green Roof Safari

:: Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart - image via Green Roof Safari

:: UBS Green Roof, Basel - image via Green Roof Safari

:: Peter Vetsch's "9 houses", Dietikon - image via Green Roof Safari

:: Sihlpost platforms (Biodiversity Roofs), Zurich Main Station- image via Green Roof Safari

Some details via Treehugger: "The tours are hosted by Christine Thuring of chlorophyllocity and Jörg Breuning. Christine is a Swiss-Canadian with an M.Sc. from the Centre for Green Roof Research at Pennsylvania State University. Jörg is German and works with Green Roof Service in the US."

It is interesting to see the concept of green roofs (or green buildings and other projects) being used as a method of inspiring eco-tourism. I'd guess Portland, Seattle, Vancouver BC, and other PNW green leaders would be able to leverage some good dollars by offering this service - particularly a combined trip. Green roofs are definitely interesting for this, as there's always issues with access and it's not as easy to have a self-guided process. A set date/time with a localized group may be the way. Maybe the money raised could go towards on-going maintenance, or R&D? Anyone want to offer this, you're tourguide awaits :)


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