Friday, June 20, 2008

PS1 Public Farm Grows

It's been a well covered and wonderful example of some ephemeral architecture installation with an urban ag twist - the Public Farm at PS1 is now up and running - and it's an interesting transformation from idea to reality. Seen on Treehugger, the project now has it's own website at Public Farm 1, showing construction photos. For those whom forgot, here's another image of the project.

:: image via Public Farm 1

There are some new project photos, and I was pretty amazed by a few things. The scale of the tubes was significantly larger than I thought... perhaps this is just due to some misinterpretation of the graphics, but I imagined perhaps 6-12" tubes... and these are substantially larger scale. Here's an image of the project and water feature.

:: image via Treehugger

Treehugger also has a number of photos from the opening day party, with Work AC's Amale Andraos and Dan Wood on-hand (she's in the dress, he's in the skirt).

:: images via Treehugger

A few new features, such as the solar-powered phone charger, and the periscope - are nice touches. I'm interested in seeing how a summer of weather, soil, and water wear on the waxed tubes - it's probably safer than a NYC tower crane. Very cool ideas.

:: images via Treehugger

Plus, the picking skirt is really going to be this years must-have accessory. Throw out the kilt, get the skirt. That's hot.

:: image via Public Farm 1

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