Saturday, June 28, 2008

Veg.itecture #31

As I mentioned, there's been a lot of activity - and now that the roots of Vegitecture have been illuminated... let's see how these buildings are dressing themselves... lots of great examples. An interesting article beyond this photo, from the NY Times article 'I’m the Designer. My Client’s the Autocrat.' which looks into the trend of starchitects working for countries with questionable human rights. Check it out, and check out the image Thom Mayne’s design for a corporate headquarters in Shanghai - build the building, save the world...

:: image via NY Times

Another from Syd Mead... a project for the Qatar Steel Corp. I had not made the connection, but via Gizmodo: "You may know "futurist" Syd Mead from his design work on geek friendly movies like Blade Runner, Tron and Aliens—but in his most recent work he envisions a future city by the name of Doha, Qatar. Naturally, his work speaks for itself, but I must admit that it stands in stark contrast to the bleak world of Blade Runner. Maybe he has become more optimistic as the years have passed."

:: image via The Design Blog

Another, via Inhabitat, is Grid House, a project in Philadelphia by Moto Designshop. A response to dense infill development, it contains a number of rooftop spaces to allow for open spaces on multiple levels.

:: images via Inhabitat

Via Bustler, Oslo Central Train Station by Norwegian architect firm, Space Group.

:: image via Bustler

A new town plan for Dubai (go figure) SMAQ (via Archinect) - a 60 hectare project named Paramount. A sustainable, mixed use village for 7000 in Dubailand (why does that sound so wrong?). Via SMAQ: "In the design, the built up area has been compressed to occupy only fifty percent of the site as a reaction to the sun condition, to achieve a compact and shaded fabric. Its structure is defined by alternating narrow pedestrian alleys and small squares, typical of Arabic towns. This urban tissue is divided in elongated islands that are orientated so to gain from the prevailing winds crossing the site. The cool breeze from the sea is channelled between the islands and through the longitudinal cuts in the urban fabric, while the hot wind from the desert is deviated above the development." More info via Cityscape Abu Dhabi.

:: images via SMAQ

Designboom featured a multi-family housing with terraced green roofs from taller13 architects.

:: image via Designboom

BDonline featured Mark Hines Architects eco-friendly community centre at Ashton-under-Lyne in Lancashire. The colorful green roof offers a sustainable top to this simple structure.

:: image via BDonline

Finally, MoCoLoco linked to ArchDaily with a series of 8 sweet green roof houses, the Finca El Retorno Eco Shelters,by G Ateliers. "The design acknowledges the natural beauty of the site to create 8 ecological shelters that care to minimize the impact on the site and achieve a delicate fusion of architecture and place. These shelters emerge from the topography and enhance the surrounding nature without competing with it. Corridors at the perimeter, traditional elements from the Colombian dwelling architecture are introduced to achieve a clear relationship between interior and exterior."

:: images via ArchDaily

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