Monday, July 7, 2008

Living Walls: Systems Approach

We've all seen them in action (sort of), so now it is time to check them out on a new level and get at least a cursory look at the different off-the-shelf options out there for living walls. A few select companies are offering systems that are available to North American buyers and beyond. Here's a summary of what I have found to date... anyone else knows of other products (manufacturers, here's your chance), let me know.

Commonly used worldwide, ELT is the de facto choice for modular living wall systems. Manufactured with UV resistant 100% recycled HDPE, these 20"x20"x2.5" panels contain slats to hold plantings and media in place.

:: images via ELT


Another modular system, the G-Sky is an approximately 12x12" polypropolene panel mounted on steel brackets. These come pre-planted with a proprietary soil mix, filter fabric mesh, and 13 plants per panel. These, like the ELT, can be planted in a random pattern, allowing the understructure to disappear, or to made patterns using the grid modules as bitmaps (see below).

:: images via G-Sky

Another option from G-Sky is the Green Wall Containers, an very beefy integrated system that includes wall-mounted trellis and planters.

:: image via G-Sky

Green Living Technologies
A variation on the ELT, these panels are made of lightweight recycled aluminum, powdercoated, or stainless steel - and come in a variety of sizes (12"x12"x3") (24"x24"x3") (12"x24"x3") as well as custom sizes. It also comes with a very annoying website - thus the crappy pics... oh well, you get the gist.

A project in the biofilter category - this site doesn't tell much about the product... but does include a number of resources that I found very helpful. Modeled after the work of the project at the University of Guelph in Ontario (featured here), there are two systems, the Naturaire Personal and Naturaire Supreme...

:: images via Naturaire

An even more ethereal and vague 'product', Green Fortune has an extensive and world-ranging porfolio (the other prefab boys could take a cue from this marketing). A few shots from the site - which is about all they tell you about the product.

:: images via Green Fortune

Another product with a bit more info is StreamGarden, a personal hydroponics garden... and a pic!

:: image via Green Fortune

Another that I've run across but not sure to specifics and availability (or actual seriousness and viability for that matter) at this time (or, yikes!!!)

Also, there are some manufacturers of traditional trellis and cable structures - or alternative wall greening systems: Greenscreen, Carl Stahl DecorCable, Jakob AG, and LiveWall + this one:


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