Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stupid Furniture Tricks

Catchy title, no? OK, there's some fun things out there that make you do a double take, aside from the inventive planter or two... A few recent ones:

The first, via Designboom is a flexible bench by Giulio Iacchetti: "Flexible bench is a special seat for urban furnishings. through the rotation of the seat/seat back it becomes a shelter, a sort of roof that protects from the summer’s blistering heat, from the bad weather and as a night shelter. A project dedicated to those who arrive in the city and don’t have a place to stay."

:: images via Designboom

Another from a post by Treehugger, the the stupid designation from a LED lit bench: "Almost an art object, the Light Bench creates the right presence in creative and communicative environments. Again thanks to its LED lighting technology it only requires about 95 watts of electric power which keeps operating costs down and protects the environment. ... Protects the environment? By sucking 95 watts to light a plastic bench?"

:: image via Treehugger

Another version of the kiosk/seat - modeled on a natural form. This one - Parasolar, from The Design Blog: "This is where biomimcry comes in and a brilliant implementation of the technology can be seen in the Parasolar green public seating concept created by industrial designer Parth Sharma. Based on the design of blossoming flowers, the Parasolar uses solar panels integrated in the design’s pivoted shades that open and close according to sunlight to power the structure and with in-built rain sensors, can also act like an automated rain shelter."

:: images via The Design Blog

From Treehugger, Vertical Patio by Seattle's Pique Architecture: "This back yard patio situated on a small urban lot in Seattle provided an opportunity to explore how a very simple and contained architecture can animate a space and continually surprise and engage its owners."

:: images via Treehugger

And finally - from the recently quiet My Urban Garden Deco Guide, a briefcase travelling fireplace... toasty.

:: image via MUGDG

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