Thursday, July 3, 2008

Veg.Arch Daily

Definitely take some time to check out a new(?) blog [at least to me] ArchDaily - with rich content related to Architecture with some really great features - including many, many pictures. I've had only a chance to take a peek (and look at another ranking of 'Architecture' sites - which I'm again pissed not be on... ;) but have definitely put it on the RSS feed (and you'll find it on the Blog Check as well.)

A project with some great imagery and ideas by FOA, is the Meydan - Umraniye Retail Complex & Multiplex with some of the most extensive rooftop greening I've seen - plus... it's built, and still stunning.

:: images via ArchDaily

From the site, some info: "The building anticipates through its geometry and circulation strategy its subsequent integration into a dense inner city context aiming to formulate an alternative prototype to the usual out-of-town retail box development. The provision of underground car parking is a major part of this strategy, liberating substantial amount of ground floor space to be used for landscaped areas and a new urban square in the centre of the scheme."

:: images via ArchDaily

The contexual design of opening up green space is often talked about, but rarely realized on such a scale. Again from ArchDaily: "The central square is activated though a number of new pedestrian routes, linking the underground car park to the ground level and accessible from the wider city context though two new routes across the roofscape. All roofs are covered with extensive vegetation and connected to the surrounding topography at several points, trying to use the volume as an extension of the existing topography rather than as a container deployed onto an asphalt platform for vehicular access." Light is provided via slitted wells cut into the green fabric.

As I mentioned, the highest marks come from the quality and quantity of project images... too often blogs want to explain a project with excessive verbage - when literally a picture, which may or not be worth a 1000 words, but is pretty damn close. This project happens to be quite photogenic as well. A number of sites could take a few cues from ArchDaily...

:: images via ArchDaily

And even some site plans:

:: images via ArchDaily

While I may disagree with ArchDaily's 'best' blog lineup (that's the point right...?) I will put this one in my top 10 for sure.

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