Sunday, August 10, 2008

NYC Rooftops

A photo stream from Bill Badrick (a local architect/illustrator whose cartoony drawings of visionary bridges in Portland has been featured on L+U a few times) entitled Rich People Rooftops NYC... some nice stuff here. Enjoy... and thanks for the link Bill.

:: images via Flickr - jwilly

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  1. These are some pretty great examples of green roofs as amenity spaces (even though the "green" on some of theme is a little sparse). When I was doing a project looking at the potential for green roofs at my school the one thing that administrators/physical plant reiterated several times was that if they were going to be sinking money into a green roof it would have to be visible so they could at least show it off and, even better, actually usable. Once more and more people realize what great amenity spaces green roofs are, I think they'll really start to take off in urban areas.


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