Monday, September 8, 2008

Arbores Laetae

Oh hell yeah, spinning trees!!! Via Archidose, from the Liverpool Biennial: "Diller Scofidio + Renfro’s Arbores Laetae playfully reinvents the tradition of the public park. The work transforms a brownfield site, situated on a key route into city centre, into a beautiful wooded space for contemplation."

:: image via Liverpool Biennial

"Consisting of 17 vibrant hornbeam trees formally planted in a grid pattern, at the heart of this landscape three trees will slowly rotate. In place of the familiar movement of shade according to the rotation of the earth around the sun, here shade migrates at an artificial speed, transforming the familiar patterns of the natural world into artificial creations."

:: image via Liverpool Biennial

Also, check out this video via YouTube... I'm not sure the fascination with spinning trees - as they seem pretty animated in their firmly rooted form, but I do like this. This project actually reminds me of an unrealized rooftop project we were doing here in Portland in 2001 with artist Noel Harding... whom I will post about soon. Enjoy.

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