Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Veg.itecture #38

Time again for a compilation of the best Vegetated Architecture floating about in the ether. It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted anything, so there is a fair amount in the hopper - so onward. One from McDonough + Partners - the Isola Office building in Milan, Italy. The design, via Inhabitat, has a cadre of sustainable features, including: "...aiming for LEED Gold with a variety of sustainable building strategies including solar and geothermal energy, advanced insulation panels, solar shading, and a high-efficiency climate control system."

:: Isola - images via Inhabitat

It's interested to see the Isola project on the M+P website - it's significantly less 'green'... check it out here. This reminds me, it should be time to see some progress on the C2C project, Greenbridge - which I blogged about way back when in post #3. Here's another pic from the M+P site, to refresh your memory. I will follow up to see what's the status, as last x-mas I was quite disappointed to not get a chance to see the design center.

:: Greenbridge - image via Inhabitat

Another similar-scale project via Jetson Green - the 2800 Lincoln building in Chicago: "...has a green roof, large terraces, solar panels, solar thermal hot water heating, and will be powered, in part, by geothermal energy."

:: 2800 Lincoln - images via Jetson Green

And another mid-sized version from Jetson Green - this time the Beleza: "...a LEED Certified, condo/retail project for Denver's River North ("RiNo") neighborhood. Named , a Brazilian Portuguese word for "beauty", this luxurious green community is modeled after the Brazilian city of Curitiba." Not sure how one models a building after Curitiba - so definitely some more digging to do on this one.

:: image via Jetson Green

And some graphic examples from World Architecture News - the 1070 Anderson Avenue project by Magnusson Architecture and Planning which brings sustainable and affordable housing to the Bronx - including: "...numerous green initiatives, including green roofs on the 7th and 8th Floors’ setback, a generous fenestration to maximize daylight within the corridors and building envelope..."

:: images via WAN

Finally, a real example - albeit a bit odd, is the mounded grassy knoll on the Freshwater House - via Coolboom... uh, funky?

:: Freshwater House - images via Coolboom

Similar to the 'Fractal Moistscape'? - via Atelier A+D...

:: image via Atelier A+D

As I mentioned, there are a LOT of example projects in the queue - so more to come soon...


  1. Thanks, Jason. These are beautiful and inspiring as always. I'm going to friend you on Land8 when I get a chance.

  2. These are nice. I haven't seen any posts on Onion Flats out of Philly, although you might have posted about them. They do some nice work, and they have an interesting business model - their own green roof company. Take a look.

  3. I am not familar with Onion Flats - so thanks for the heads up on that one...


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