Saturday, September 20, 2008

Veg.itecture #39

Time again for another round of Vegetated Architecture... and in my opinion, the world continues to embrace and expand the potential for veg.itecture in many forms. From the imminent release of Patrick Blanc's The Vertical Garden (read my review here), to the prevalence of exciting projects, the concept is a movement... at least one with some cohesiveness. And in one of those mainstream moments, check out the the recent (albeit brief) appearance of Veg.itect Edouard Francois and his whimsically green (and L+U favorite) Flower Tower in the 'I'm a PC' commercials for Microsoft. Looks like he let his hair down a bit as well... :)

:: image via Jetson Green

It's interesting to see the idea of 'I design green buildings' taken to a literal level... perhaps because a 3 second jump cut of some faceless 'green' building wouldn't make a whole lot of sense. Score another on for visible green (and thanks to Preston at Jetson Green for this tidbit - it made my day!)

So on to the projects. Covered briefly on L+U before, the Miami Art Museum by HdM offers some new imagery and dialogue from Arc Space - well worth a second look.

:: images via Arc Space

And some further explanation of the site plan/building interaction. Again via Arc Space: "A series of increasingly “soft” thresholds between the park, the platform and the museum gradually brings the visitor indoors, until the museum is discovered from the inside. Certain plant types will be concentrated in specific areas and arranged to form natural enclosures. Resonating with the galleries inside, these pockets within the vegetation will serve as virtual chambers, which can be used for events and public activities."

:: images via Arc Space

This image builds on a previous post of Frasers Broadway development by Foster and Partners - with an additional image I couldn't resist to post:

:: image via Platforma Arquitectura

Another vertical green example via World Architecture News is aptly 'The Ivy' in Sydney - by Glavovic Studio.

:: images via WAN

And by 98 degree architectural studio, the Mashud's Residence, Sylhet, Bangladesh - seen via WAN as well. This mid-rise is literally sprouting from the facade and rooftop:

:: image via WAN

Another from WAN - the Volgopark Center by Oncuoglu Architecture-Planning: "A balanced design of building, landscape and water is intended to create a new identity for the city... nature is the resonating factor as the location of the building is organized by considering the settlement pattern of surrounding sun light."

:: image via WAN
And shifting gears a tad some odd visual creations, via Dezeen: "In ‘Habitat Machines’ David Trautrimas’ photo-based architecture explores the construct of home with a series of residential buildings born of everyday objects. From Art Deco coffee pots to the Constructivist grid pattern on an old bathroom scale, Trautrimas searches for source materials which allude to a greater architectural doctrine usually unnoticed in these machines." Definitely check out the full photo array on the link.

:: images via Dezeen
And for the Veg.itect that has everything, via Inhabitat: "The Growing Jewelry collection by hip Icelandic product designer Hafsteinn Juliusson is ideal for green thumbs who not only care about the environment but also want to spread some eco-love by sporting tuffets of moss as jewelry."

:: images via Inhabitat
Keep spreading that eco-love ya'll.

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