Monday, October 6, 2008

Venice Biennial Snapshots

Be sure to check out the great post from Design Under Sky of the Gustafson/Guthrie/Nichol/Gustafson/Porter et. al. installation at the 11th Annual Venice Biennial - solidifying once again that landscape architecture is a great format for these more ephemeral installations... the white sheet held aloft by balloon is a stroke of genius.

:: images via Design Under Sky

And from Dezain, a link to Flickr photos from Dysturb of the Biennial, a veritable grab-bag of urban, architectural, and landscape architectural eye candy. Here's a taste.

:: Stefano Boeri, Multiplicity

:: Field Operations, Fresh Kills

:: NL Architects

:: Commune di Milano - Arsenale Pavilion

:: German Pavilion

:: Japan Pavilion

:: France: Générocité - Generous vs- Generic 5

:: Tire Seat/Sculpture - Unknown Designer

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