Tuesday, October 7, 2008

World Veg.itecture from Land8Lounge

One of the great things about the network of professionals and students that are members of Land8Lounge is the ability to cast a wide, international net for specific information. Case in point, an ongoing discussion on World Examples of Veg.itecture to go along with the group of the similar name - which is my way of inciting some dialogue about what's out there. While it's reinforced the place in the pantheon of some of the finer examples in the genre. It also allows for learning about new, undiscovered treasures. A couple of great examples that have come my way lately:

1. Hilton Hotel Green Wall: added via Grazyna Bielska, this project in Wroclaw is Poland's first green wall project. The images are fuzzy, so kind of difficult to really tell how it looks, but you get the picture...

:: images via Gazeta

2. Mercator Sportplaza: added via Jacques Abelman, this project by Venhoeven Architects is one of those under the radar examples that blow you away. I think I like the pixelization of the vegetation - giving in an interesting texture that will probably begin to blur a bit when the plants mature, but right now gives it some edginess.

:: images via BYTR Architecten

:: images via Mimeo

3. MFO Park: posted in Lisa Town's blog the MFO Park in Zurich is one of my favorite projects - especially after seeing these cool nightime shots... and check out her first person accounts of living and working for Atelier Dreiseitl in Germany... which are pretty engaging.

:: images via Lisa Town

Thanks Jacques, Grazyna, and Lisa for the inspiration and info! And any new or inspiring forms out there, feel free to drop an email or comment.

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