Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Auspicious Victory

Today we hit 100,000 visitors (and an additional 250,000 page views). I feel honored to have achieved this within the confines of a short year... Now, with a new laptop (although a fried and potentially unrecoverable old one), and a fresh backlog of posts from my newly restored RSS feeds - I'm ready for some new posting in the upcoming days. Also, I will recount the amazing Detroit SDAT experience that I had last week, as well as some other exciting local happenings... It's good to be back.

And in the spirit of 'Change You Can Believe In', look forward to some changes in content and context here at Landscape+Urbanism. I'm turning a corner in my career and interest, which alas (for better or worse) will be reflected in the content here). And here's a big one (hurrah, thanks, cold one) for Obama... It's a brand new day. Let's savor it. It's been a long time.



  1. What a great victory. And let me tell you, from Europe it is all Obama all the time on every channel, all newstands and in everyones conversatin. Having just recently been through Germany, the UK and Spain in the last couple weeks it has been so amazing to me to see how much the world is really watching.

  2. for sure... it's good the world is watching and we didn't do anything silly again like last time. It was refreshingly anti-climatic. :)


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