Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The firm Kaputt! has come up a couple of times recently, and aside from being one of those cool firm names that stick in your head. Recently they've gained some more exposure and notoriety. From the site: "They have earned some notoriety as they were acknowledged with an honorable mention in the international competition organized by the Carlsberg Group, for the large-scale urban development of the company’s property in the outskirts of Copenhagen." A quick link to Belly of an Architect showed some graphics for a single family house that I love for their simple and artistic uniqueness. Beautiful.

:: images via Belly of an Architect

Shifting gears a bit to more traditional graphic forms, the project offers some interesting narrative: "The functional setting is simple. The social volume is more organic, designed for the communitarian family life, in sharp contrast with the private wing. The garden offers an intimate external space and a generous entrance of natural light... The garden wall is also assumed as part of the architecture of the house, as it suggests a filtered visual connection with the external territory, its trees and hedges becoming a part of its enveloping atmosphere."

:: images via Belly of an Architect

Archidose mentioned Kaputt! in their regular Firm Faces segment, showing their creative method for describing firm personnel via pen on skin - although that same project keeps cropping up...

:: image via Archidose

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