Thursday, January 22, 2009

Like Looking in a Mirror

A new blog (as of December '08) was one of those surreal moments where you start looking through the collected posts and realize that like seeing a reflection of where your personal interests lie. Urban Greenery is aptly and simply named, and offers snapshots of... you guessed it - urban greenery. A lot of the content has been seen previously - and linked from this site - but I did find some new interesting images that were worth throwing out there. If you're interested in the visual feast on an almost daily - or multiple times daily - of urban greenery - definitely worth adding this one to your RSS feeder. (all images via Urban Greenery)

:: The Hanging Gardens of Paddington (world's largest hanging basket)

:: Iglesia Verde

:: Roof Garden in Shanghai, China

:: Health club rooftop garden - San Francisco, California

:: Culver House, Chicago

I often wonder if this may not be the way to go blog-wise... just a quick link and a photo or two - without getting into any pesky commentary or deliberation about what it means. I'd say there's a good number of regular 'readers' of this blog that scan through the eye-candy and not much more - so I thank you loyal readers whom actually read to blog. Either way, as a visual media - there will be more to come from this site for sure... inspiring, and it's definitely a blog after my own heart content wise.


  1. I like some discussion on the projects. Most of the time I dont really understand the projects from just the photos. Also you know much more about urban greenery than I do ;)

  2. I love your commentary, personally, and your blog wouldn't be nearly as good if it was just a tumblr like thing with just pictures.


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