Monday, January 26, 2009

Stan Allen at the AALU

Stan Allen: Before and After Landscape Urbanism
01/27/09 - Architectural Association Lecture

:: Taipai Waterfront - images via Stan Allen

View the lecture via live streaming available from 5.45pm at

The emergence of landscape urbanism, along with the development of the protocols of digital design, must be counted one of the most significant developments in the field in the past decades. In the past ten years, a fully fledged sub-discipline has appeared. A catalogue of practitioners and projects exists, academic programmes have been developed, and an extensive theoretical literature is now available. To move forward from this strategic juncture, it is worthwhile to take stock of both the accomplishments and the limitations of the landscape urbanism approach, and to propose alternatives that complement and extend its potentials.

Stan Allen is an architect practising in New York and dean of the School of Architecture Princeton University. His projects have been published in Points and Lines: Diagrams and Projects for the City (Princeton Architectural Press) and his essays in Practice: Architecture, Technique and Representation (revised second edition now available from Routledge).

Note: I'm guessing the 5.45pm time is from London - so I'm shooting for 9:45 am PST USA to check it out... hope I'm right.

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