Friday, January 2, 2009

To Infinity and Beyond

A concept of landscape architecture and site design involves the acknowledgement of desire paths, those etched remnants of the accumulation of thousands of footsteps over a particular planted area. While often this idea is used to determine the future location of pathways - there are millions of urban 'desire paths' that are created by the innate need to follow the path of least resistance.

:: desire path betondorp - via Keeshu (Flickr)

An installation 'Infinity' by Mai Yamashita + Naoto Kobayashi takes the concept to the extreme to create a distinct tracery for the exhibition RE-IMAGINING ASIA: "For eight days, the artist duet will be trampling the symbol of infinity (figure eight lying outstretched), in the grass until its trace is visible in the ground well after grass has grown over it again. Little by little, we become aware of the enduring impression that daily rituals can make on us."

:: image via vulgare

:: image via HKW
:: image via vulgare

:: image via Yamashita+Kobayashi

The idea is much more impressive in video, such as the one on their site, or this YouTube version here. Looks like a good workout as well.

Thanks Thomas from VULGARE for pointing this one out...

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