Thursday, February 12, 2009

DailyLand: Oxygenator

Oxygenator“, 2006-2007 by Joanna Rajkowska. Artificial pond with oxygen fountains.

"The main element of this project is a pond of about 150m2 surface area, 1,0m deep, written into the existing lawn. On the surface some water lilies, but not too many, some plants placed at the bottom of the pond and constantly being freed from the bottom, air bubbles enriched with oxygen. This oxygen cloud comes from oxygen concentrators, which slightly raise the amount of oxygen in the supplied and later returned air. Tubes at the pond’s bottom transport this oxygen-rich air, which is freed and appears on the water surface in the form of bubbles. Above the pond a fog is maintained (using fog diffusers) which traps the enriched air. Surrounding the pond are specially-designed, futuristic benches, where one can sit and do some breathing." (via VULGARE)

:: images via VULGARE

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