Friday, February 20, 2009

DailyLand: Parc Nus de la Trinitat

Parc Nus de la Trinitat, Barcelona, 1993 by Joan Roig & Enric Batlle found via VULGARE. " in north east Barcelona, inside a circular motorway junction. The scale of the six hectare park is definad by a framework of trees forming a spactially effective filter between the motorways and the park. A circular gallery divides the park into an inner and an outer area."

:: images via VULGARE

The park's location is definitely difficult, with multiple lanes of converging traffic. The use of buffering bands of vegetation, water, and berming creates separation from the immediate context, to the point where you can't see any of the trafficways from the park interior (or maybe some fine compositional cropping from the photographers)...

:: images via VULGARE

Obviously connectivity is the key to making this a successful space... as well as the size, to allow for spaces to be separated from the traffic lanes to a degree where they can stand on their own, with adjacent buffering. See the map view of the project below - via the original case study from the University of Virginia School of Architecture, which shows the open space in context with the rest of the urban form.

:: map image via Urban Arch Virginia

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