Tuesday, February 17, 2009

DailyLand: Roberto Burle Marx

The New York Times featured a great retrospective of the work of Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. Check out the article and slideshow. Many in the realms of landscape architecture have been influenced by the bold geometry of his designs, as well as the urban integration of landscape into the consciousness of urban dwellers. "...But the thing about him that really stands out is that he regarded landscape design as an equal partner with architecture, not as a backdrop or decoration, and elevated it to that level.”

:: images via NY Times


  1. A great promoter of Brazil's native flora and fauna,
    and a brilliant plantsman as well.

  2. IFLA 2009 is in rio this year. october. green infrastructure theme. great opportunity to see what is up globally and get to some great burle marx sites. if anyone is going, don't miss sitio burle marx!



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