Wednesday, February 4, 2009

White House, Green Garden

No shortage of speculation about the plans for the 'farmer-in-chief' and what this means for some instant credibility to the burgeoning urban agriculture movement. Also, the latest search for the White House Farmer is getting the conversation elevated to a new superstar echelon of uber gardeners. Enough to make conservatives cringe and comment on the fad: "One columnist at the Weekly Standard predicts what is coming, instead of tax cuts and paving trains: Look out for organic broccoli farm and arugula awareness earmarks in the stimulus." I intend to.

:: image via Treehugger

And for some historical context, this 'school house rock'-esque you tube video on the history of gardening in the white house... amusing (thanks Kat for this link!).

While we ponder this, it makes me think of some other options. What about replacing in grand form the solar panels that were installed by President Carter and removed by Reagan in a short but sweet summary of the republican agenda of the 1980s. Not adding more is one thing... taking them off - is just plain assholish.

:: mmmm... warm - image via Treehugger

And if I may, how about another step... with the White House/Green Roof agenda. As mentioned in the NY Times Blog: "...As my colleague Marian Burros recently reported, during the Clinton administration, a small garden was planted on the roof that provided enough tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers and herbs for the first family, but not their guests. The White House also now buys food from local farmers and co-ops, and Laura Bush was reportedly “adamant” about organic foods."

Let's make it much much bigger. The sprawling complex could use some stormwater and heat island mitigation - which may also provide camoflauge from above. Never know... now maybe we can do something about all that lawn.

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