Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blackness is the new Green. Sigh...

Well, I can't exactly find any examples of this fact in the groups of people I know, it turns out that Portland is America's Unhappiest City, at least according to Business Week. Even amidst the downturn in the economy, we'd all be perplexed by this, if we weren't so busy wallowing in our black hole of despair by constantly listening to NPR, writing, blogging, designing, biking, innovating in sustainability, recreating, and living green. Oh sadness sometimes can be so terribly sweet.

:: Obama-mania is awful, isn't it - image via BusinessWeek


  1. Hi, I just wanted to say congratulations. I follow your blog regularly. Good job.

  2. It is odd for sure. A friend of mine said that she thinks it is a conspiracy by Portlanders to make people who are thinking of moving there change their mind.

  3. I'm terribly displeased with this "ranking". Funny how BW ranks Portland one of the top 50 cities for "livability" in the world and 6th overall in the US. I guess livability and happiness are two divergent things.

    BW also determined Portland's depression ranking by drug companies' anti-depressant sales.

    Only if a city could sue for libel.


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