Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Freshkills Park Blog

A recent discovery via blog linking, the Freshkills Park Blog, offers some insight into the workings of the major large-scale and long-term landscape urbanist project of North America.

"Freshkills Park Blog is compiled by members of the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation team working to develop Freshkills Park. Blog entries represent the interests and views of just a few individuals, and should not be taken to represent positions or opinions of the agency or City of New York as a whole. Mostly, we just think that Freshkills Park is a fascinating and inspiring project that weaves together a series of unusual issues and disciplines: waste management systems, ecology, landfill infrastructure, urban planning and landscape architecture, public art, land reclamation, sustainability, renewable energy, New York City history. The list goes on."

:: image via Freshkills Park blog

One juicy tidbit was a link to Popular Science, with a graphic exposition of the transformation of Freshkills from landfill to park. Having just finished The Watchmen graphic novel, the art is a bit minimal, but the story is just as compelling. Check out the full spread for the whole story.

:: image via Popular Science

Also, for some ongoing images of the park, check out the Freshkills Park flickr photos here.

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