Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Veg.itecture: VIVA Dancing Apartment

The overtly veg.itectural is always worthy of attention on L+U, so I just had to feature the new project spotted on Designboom called Dancing Apartment. The project: "...has been designed by korean firm unsangdong architects. located in dong-a ilbo serial, south korea the apartments are built using obliquelines in which each unit consists of a terrace.the building consists of various community spaces which include parks, leisure facilities, event space, a library, media space and performance space."

:: image via Designboom

Taking cues from the bioclimatic skyscrapers of Ken Yeang, the facade is woven with stepped levels that are punctuated with greenery, giving the units a green terrace and complementing the community spaces within. A portion of the facade were balconies protrude is also draped in a green wall, providing some privacy and microclimatic adjustment of these spaces, as well as an interesting exterior form.

:: images via Designboom

Some of the generative modeling shows the vertical microtopography that is created by the 'dancing' of the unit and floor plates... giving each unit a particular aspect of sun and shade. The graphic at the bottom shows the relationship of interior community spaces such as pools, performance space, parks, and more.

:: images via Designboom

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