Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Food for Thought Winners

The winners for the competition 'Food for Thought' sponsored by 24-7 sandwich shop have recently been announced, and it seems as if the organizers were successful in providing some provocative visions of a new culture of food.

The winning entry 'Connection Wall' comes from Milos Milivojevic from Serbia and envisions a digital diner where virtual meetings can take place through the use of technology: "The central role of the dinner as gathering place of the family or friends is being dissolved. He is proposing a remedy. By making the 24/7 shop network a place were you can eat with your friends or family even if they are not there."

:: image via 24-7 Sandwich Shop

Second place is from Vipra Kothary & Namrata Sharma of the UK for the entry 'Globe Trotting Kitchen', a parasitic structure that feeds on the host - in this case fast food chains - using this relationship to serve a healthy antidote to the ubiquitous food factories.

:: image via 24-7 Sandwich Shop

Third is a disturbingly brilliant entry 'Le Vache-folle' by Mutabile Architecture that confronts our relationship with our food in all of it's bloody reality. Asking the questions: "...how do we treat the animals we eat? Why do we pick lobsters out of an aquarium but not chickens? Why not bring the food preparation much closer to the customer; Not by impletementing an open kitchen, but by bringing the slaughter itself into the restaurant."

:: image via 24-7 Sandwich Shop

And in any competition, there are many worth runners-up, so I mined the archive for some interesting visuals of other entries, particularly some ideas around urban agriculture... no shortage of ideas on that topic. Check out many, many more at the 24-7 blog... definitely food for thought.

:: Urban Plant - image via 24-7 Sandwich Shop

:: Delici(h)ous(e) - image via 24-7 Sandwich Shop

:: Farm of Lost Tastes- image via 24-7 Sandwich Shop

:: It's raining sandwiches - image via 24-7 Sandwich Shop

:: 257MDM- image via 24-7 Sandwich Shop

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