Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vancouver CC Green Roof Videos

As promised some more coverage of the new Vancouver Convention Centre and it's massive green roof - this time in a pair of videos. First, a video featuring extensive interviews with the landscape architect, Bruce Hemstock from PWL Partnership, as well as Reece Rehm, planting supervisor for Holland Landscapers. Enjoy.

Thanks James from Radar DDB for the heads up. Another video focuses on the cost overruns on the project - which got particularly boring after a minute or so... anyway, check it out for a bit of info. Via YouTube: "The living roof is going to be something that is recognized around the world, said Campbell, taking part in a ceremonial planting to mark the completion of the 2.5-hectare plant-covered roof, the largest in North America.More than 350,000 indigenous plants and grasses have been planted in a 15-cm deep substrate of sand, organic mulch and lava rock and will be watered by 43 km of irrigation piping.There are more living plants on the roof of the Vancouver Convention Centre than flowers in all of Vancouvers 200 parks."

And a cool time-lapse video of the entire construction process - which is enlivened by the inclusion of the green roof soils and plantings...

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