Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ecological Urbanism - Podcasting Now

I was really excited to see that the Podcasts of the Ecological Urbanism conference at the GSD (from early April) are now available... for those of us unable to make the trek to check it out live. While a 100x200 pixel image isn't the same as a conference, I hope this trend continues with other events, as the impossibility of getting to all of the good dialogue continually sinks in...

Check back on their site for more additions, and in the meantime check these out here. I'm slowly savoring them, and will post some highlights as I get to them:

Friday April 3:
3:30 pm Introductions: Dean Mohsen Mostafavi and Mayor Thomas M. Menino
4:00 pm Roundtable: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Ecological Urbanism
6:30 pm Keynote: Rem Koolhaas in conversation with Homi Bhabha, moderated by Sanford Kwinter

Saturday April 4:
9:00 am Lecture: Bill Dunster. Respondent, Antoine Picon
10:30 am Panel 1: Productive Urban Environments
2:00 pm Welcome: President Drew Faust
2:15 pm Panel 2: Curating Resources
4:00 pm Panel 3: Mobility, Infrastructure and Society
5:30 pm Lecture: Andrea Branzi. Respondent, Charles Waldheim

Sunday April 5:
9:30 am Panel 4: Ecologies of Scale
11:30 am Panel 5: Engineering Ecology
2:15 pm Roundtable: What Next?

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