Sunday, May 31, 2009

Peril of the Forgotten

One of the most amazing and sad sights from my trip last year to Detroit was a swing 'round the disheveled and crumbling Michigan Central Depot, a massive train station built by the same architects responsible for NYC's iconic Grand Central Station. With it's monumental scale and litany of busted out windows, our group was both wowed and amazed by the fate of such a historic resource in the City. While the City Council recently voted to demolish the building, a movement to save and reuse the structure was pointed out in a recent post by the Infrastructurist which is definitely worth a read.

:: images via The Infrastructurist

Time for some of the historic preservationists to get moving on this one, as it'd be a shame for this to be gone the next time I'm in Detroit. Just imagine what it could be... or we shall just forget that it ever was?

:: images via The Infrastructurist

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