Monday, May 4, 2009

VIA: 1-10

Taking time off from blogging is wonderful - but the backlog of great projects to catch up on is a bit daunting. At the risk of Veg.itectural overload - I'm packing up 10 projects per post, in both the Veg.itecture In Action (VIA) category and the Veg.itecture in Visual Assessement (VIVA) categories (read here to review) to blast out the 100 or so great images in east. Consider it a summary snapshot, or a month in review for April where my posting was sporadic. Or consider in further research for the Veg.itecture book - a proposal of which is in the works.

VIA 1: Ex Ducati

:: images via Platforma Arquitectura

VIA 2: SchwimmHausBoot

:: images via The Design Blog

VIA 3: Mercado de San Sebastian

:: images via Urban Greenery

VIA 4: Khyber Ridge

:: image via ArchDaily

VIA 5: Vancouver Aquarium Green Wall

:: images via National Geographic

VIA 6: OUTrial House

:: images via Space Invading

VIA 7: Vertical Garden

:: images via Urban Greenery

VIA 8: EggO House

:: image via Platforma Arquitectura

VIA 9: Shimzu Corporation Green Wall

:: image via Urban Greenery

VIA 10: Moss Carpet

:: images via Inhabitat

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  1. These are inspiring, great in-use examples of things I've only seen in catalogues, or discussed theoretically. The green walls and roofs are especially striking, and the moss carpet is an excellent idea-starter for me, since I'm doing a moss-and-mushroom place in the shade. (Mushrooms would be another great part of urban landscaping; some of them clean up toxins, others make plants healthier, and then of course some you can eat.)


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