Monday, June 15, 2009

2009 MoPo Runner-Up of the Year... Sweet!

I wrote, no, begged... in fact, pleaded one year ago to be considered for the MoPo 2008 listings after reading the listing of the veritable who's who of the architecture-blog world. I am pleased to see that L+U has made the list (I'm not below groveling :) for this years Eikongraphia's MoPo 2009 - a listing of the "...twenty-five most popular blogs on architecture worldwide." * It's very, very good company.

2. Archidose
3. City of Sound
4. Architecture.mnp
5. Pruned
6. Architechnophilia
7. Tropolism
8. Architectural Videos
9. Mirage Studio 7
10. Super Colossal
11. Subtopia
12. Landscape+Urbanism
13. Sit down man, you’re a bloody tragedy
14. Architecture Chicago Plus
15. Lebbeus Woods
16. Strange Harvest
17. Life Without Buildings
18. Eye Candy
19. Design with Intent
20. Earth Architecture
21. Anarchitecture
22. Hugh Pearman
23. Brand Avenue
24. a456
25. The Arch

How does L+U stack up the winner...? Well, we all have a long way to go to meet the high standards set by Geoff Manaugh and the fabulous BLDGBLOG (and he's not even working at Dwell anymore so beware!)... "BLDGBLOG reigns the architecture blogosphere. Between 2007 and 2008 the total number of visitors tripled from one to three million, since last year that number has again dubbled to a total of almost six million. Which rookie can challenge that? Landscape+Urbanism has entered the MoPo at the twelfth place and is thereby the runner-up of the year. But with less than a thousand subscribers to its rss-feed, it is a long way to the more than 11,000 subscribers of BLDGBLOG. Even the blog in second place, Archidose, features less than a third of that." (underline emphasis mine)

* More about the ratings: "A weblog is included in the MoPo 2009 when it’s an English blog on architecture written by a single writer. The popularity of the blog is measured by the number of subscribers (Google Reader + Bloglines) and the number of hits in Google (Google + Google Images)."

It's reminded me that I need to update some sidebar blogs - as I've been remiss in doing so. Read the entire post here to see the previous years ratings - and well, I guess all I can say is thanks everyone for looking, reading, linking, and inspiring!

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