Sunday, June 7, 2009

DailyLand: Crack Garden

> See and read more at Pruned and Inhabitat

:: image via Pruned

:: image via Inhabitat

Text excerpt from ASLA: "The Crack Garden is an exploration of the identity of site and the clarity of intervention. Pre-existing places have an inherent identity that is based on their history, materiality, and activities. The design is conceived as an intervention that functions as a lens, altering perception of a place rather than completely remaking it. The intervention can reveal the physical and material qualities of the place, and/or become a catalyst to incite new program activities. In the case of The Crack Garden, completely remaking the garden was highly unlikely because of the tiny budget. By fully embracing a strategy of design as intervention, the garden relies on its previous identity as much as it does on the changes that were imposed. "


  1. Very cool- thanks for sharing this!

  2. Is this where I go for the five o'clock free crack giveaway? It's hard for me to see an urban space called The Crack Garden and not think of the Dave Chappele crack addict character Tyrone Biggs. Were the designers making a joke when they named it and is the ASLA in on the joke? It's hard to believe anyone would name an urban space "The Crack Garden."

    I think this appeals more to designers than to installers, kind of like the way folks like the moss-covered cinder block but every stonemason just sees a cinderblock.

  3. I had the same reaction, as 'crack corner' is the nickname for an intersection down the ways a bit from my house. It's one of those specifically 'designer' spaces - not sure how functional or aesthetic it actually is, in my opinion.

  4. how many days until it's all dead? I suppose one might need to get their fix planting every couple o days too!


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