Monday, June 8, 2009

DailyLand: Secret Landscape Garden

An interesting visual exploration of space in this competition entry. I'm interested in what readers think about the success of this story/illustration (with a book illustrator) in telling this particular tale. Personally, aside from the plan graphic, I'm not feeling it and find it distracting from the overall concept, but that's the beauty of expression - it's all in the interpretation.

Secret Landscape Garden Studio Weave, MESH Partnership
Blackburn Town Center
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An excerpt: "The landscape doesn’t profess to be a slice of natural countryside but grows out from the urban fabric taking in rationalized traffic and accommodating level changes and desire lines, all the while delicately framing views of Blackburn landmarks side by side with new follies. We designed the landscape by exploring the adventure of a boy who finds a mirror on the floor of the shopping centre. The mirror is based on the “Claude Glass,” an 18th century pocket mirror used by artists and tourists to capture picturesque views. In the mirror, the boy sees a secret landscape garden where the trees are enjoying their own versions of various playground games."

:: all images via Bustler


  1. although i like this idea, being a landscape spod, i'd like it to be accompanied by technical drawings that give a more accurate picture of how the space will look.

  2. This is a great concept, but I think the graphics and the like could have been taken much further. The idea of telling a story in the most literal sense is a great way to connect with clients and non-designers alike, but in this case my fascination with this project is only in its principle.

  3. although i cant help wondering what the residents of Blackburn (a northern industrial town) thought when the designers started talking about fairy tales and magic mirrors

  4. As part of the judging panel for this in Blackburn, I can tell you that this illustrative approach was one of the things that won the competition for Mesh & Weave. Although we had reservations about the deliverability of some of the actual design, we were excited by their imaginative approach......and that they were talking about fairy tales and magic mirrors......what does being a 'northern industrial town' have to do with it? Lets hope we can now secure the funding to create this wonderful place.

  5. I say 'bravo' to the group for going for an alternative strategy to communicate the ideas. As I mentioned, there isn't a right answer for any one project - and in the midst of slick computer montage - it's refreshing to still see a range of approaches. This one obviously resonated with the jury - and it will be interesting to see how it comes together in built form.


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