Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DailyLand: Sensational Park

Sensational Park - Nabito Architects
Frosinone, Italy

"The five human senses are the main theme of the space in which materials and vegetation are related to them. The equipped green area and urban garden is due to be completed this month."

:: images via Arch Daily


  1. I found it interesting how the "intertwined" aspect was emphasized, and yet each segment seems so compartmentalized and isolated from the others. Even in the render they provide, the beds are concealed by the concrete glacis.

  2. The concrete boundaries seem to deprive ones senses when walking along their sides. I understand the need for "boundaries", but these seem excessive.

  3. The Goal Of the project is to invite users to a path in which scene are always changing.
    You will have the sensation to discover always different spaces but with the same kind of characteristics. The Five Human senses are the main theme of the space; the material and the vegetation will be related to them, but in general it is an excuse to give to the standard less(since 1970) neighbourhood a relational space With senses we relate each others. The user will not have an entire look over the park, but he will do a series of different experiences. The variation of high and inclination, dimensional games are some of the ludic peculiarity of the Park.
    This park is a gift to smell, to touch, to eat, to speak, to sea and to hear each others.

    We work with landscape architects, and we found interesting the relation between his point of view, incapable to reach more then 60 cm high and our vision of a ludic, undisciplined and elegant space with different highness.
    They really help us technically and we enjoy discussion about contrast between artificial and natural spaces; another important characteristic of the park. We’d like to give a tension. What is natural has to be natural and what is not is not; and we did not want to use material such as corten steel(that we hate) or wood boards because we’d like to be clear.(no cheat). We love the authenticity of the contrast and to alternate different spaces with different characteristics. We tried to design a hybrid containing nature; an Open “Salone” with no clear boundaries.
    Come to visit and come to enjoy SENSATIONAL PARK BY NABITO.

  4. This design makes a lot of assumptions about people's potential experience, but shows little evidence of having interpolated any understanding of the same. To me, it has more in common with a beautiful plate of sushi than a work of landscape architecture.


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