Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Re:Vision Dallas = Vertical Green

The annoucement of three winners for the Re:Vision Dallas Competition on Bustler was telling in some of the interesting forms, and the consistency of veg.itecture as a vital building element - particularly the use of roof and walls faces for environmental, aesthetic, and productive means. Check out the full array of info and pics on Bustler's excellent site... and as a teaser, here's a few pics of the winners:

Forwarding Dallas
Atelier Data & MOOV (Lisbon, Portugal)

:: images via Bustler

Entangled Bank
Little (Charlotte, North Carolina)

:: images via Bustler
Greenways Xero Energy
David Baker and Partners Architects and Fletcher Studio (San Francisco, California)

:: images via

It's interesting to see the different ways that a competition will push boundaries, particularly when you apply these to a specific site and/or program. Again, these are all visions (or re:visions) so there are some practicalities as play, but that's the key difference between competition and project - the lines are less distinct and the urge to color outside them is part of the fun.

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  1. This Re:Design stuff is starchitect landscape+(sub)urbanism at its worst. To be a great City, Dallas, you must first appreciate URBANISM. Compare Dallas' attempt at sustainability to Denver's "Living City Block" project - which integrates green building via LEED-ND with economic sustainability and livability:


    Dallas' downtown development committee must recognize that green buildings are only one part of civic sustainability.

    Ann Daigle
    Urban Planning & Design


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