Monday, June 15, 2009

Urban Chickens Build - 4

For the newly dubbed 'Chicken Cube', it's ecoroof time (at least the structural components sans plants and soil). Here's a quick summary of Sunday's flurry of activities:

:: 3/4" plywood frame + cedar siderails

:: fitting the metal soil retention edging

:: some counterflashing with pond liner

:: dry-fitting the liner on edges

:: mechanically fastening on outside edging

:: finishing the box with cedar

:: after some fine-tuning - a perfect fit

:: still need to trim the fabric a bit , but close to done

:: roofline from opposite side

:: and some finish work on some doors - windows to come

Next weekend looks like planting, siding, windows and paint/stain - with an aim of chicken habitable by end of weekend/next week. Stay tuned. Read here for the previous posts on coop building, including design, week 1, week 2, and week 3 builds...


  1. Fantastic Project guys!!!
    Very inspiring indeed that I wish to make one now! Thanks for the amazing inspiration!!!!! :)

    I've one question for you!

    In this picture you explain that you are mechanically fasting on outside edging:

    And in the next picture you explain that you are finishing the box with cedar:

    My question is, if in the first picture I can see the bolts coming out from the structure, then how can you fit the cedar afterwards? Wouldn't there be gaps created by the bolts?

    Thank you very much and again congratulations for the inspiring project!!!!!! :)

  2. Thanks Antonino.
    It was a lot of fun to build. Go for it!

    In the detail you mention, prior to installing the cedar for the box, I measured and drilled out a hole partway through the board for the bolt head to fit in so it would lay flat on the edges... they were 3/8" bolts, so a 1/2" bit was plenty big for a bit of extra room. (with some good measuring). Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks so much Jason!!! :)

    Where can I find the trainage metal bar that you used fro drainage?

    Is it a metal bar for other uses adapted to this particular project?

  4. it's a standard perforated steel angle - found at any steel supplier or home store (this one was off the rack at Lowe's, in a 4' length which was perfect)... all of the items we used were standard materials that were repurposed for the ecoroof... lots of great ideas out there!

  5. Ohhhh that is great Jason!
    So can I ask you one more question?
    What are the measures you used for your chicken cube?

  6. Antonino.
    The Cube itself is 4'x4'x4' sitting atop the 2'x4'x4' base... the sloped roof is 4'x5.5' making it extend six inches out from the edges of the cube with the 3:12 slope...

    Hope this helps.

  7. Thanks so much Jason! :)

    Now I need to translate the measures into metric sistem as I've no idea what they are in imperial sistem! :P

    Do you only use imperial measures in USA?

  8. Ohhh... and Jason... what did you spend for the costruction materials???


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