Friday, June 5, 2009

Veg.itecture Spin-Off

It's fun to see something that seemed relatively nascent a few years back grow into a full-fledged phenomenon. The growth of vegetated architecture projects and the number of sites covering this topic has literally exploded of late, and I was fearful that the entire Landscape+Urbanism blog would be eclipsed and framed by Veg.itecture rather than a more rounded view of issues related to landscape architecture and landscape urbanism.

In a move driven mostly by maintaining my sanity with L+U (because, as always, this is about me), I've launched a new blog entitled, simply 'Veg.itecture'.

The idea, simply enough will be to carve out some terrain specific to the Vegetated Architecture and allow for a singular focus on the concept in a different venue. As of right now, I have saved around 150 projects that just have no room amidst the admittedly broad scope of L+U. This site will continue to feature certain projects, and there will be cross posts with some interesting overlaps, but the majority of the overtly vegitectural will reside on the new site. This will complement the book deal that will be inevitable as well as...

I also included a link in the sidebar for easy access... the site will evolve over the next few weeks - so add it to your RSS feeds and readers, and I do hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.

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  1. Jason,
    my google reader has been acting up so I'm only now finding out 'bout new Veg.itecture blog.
    I'll be following it along w/ L+U. Cheers, Alice
    aka BayAreaTendrils


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