Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Annals of Artifice

This project made me think specifically of the MOMA rooftop garden by Ken Smith... something about artifice that seems somewhat contrived... but I guess that's the point :) Via Treehugger: "Purists sneered at this garden made out of plasticine when it was first exhibited at the Chelsea Flower Show. Designed by the star of Top Gear, James May, it offended the sensibilities of the traditionalists who believe only real flowers and gardens belong in the show. But the last laugh is for car-loving May: not only did the "garden" win a gold (plasticine) medal at Chelsea, but it is now on display at a stately home in the English countryside, as part of the National Trust's "Food Glorious Food" campaign. What is going on here?"

:: images via Treehugger


  1. reminds me in a way of Martha Schwartzes splice garden as well, but not quite as err ... subtle.

    still anything that winds up the Chelsea Flower show crowd can't be bad

    i was shocked to read that garden gnomes were strictly against the Chelsea rules. Hundertwasser had something very funny to say about why garden gnomes annoyed architects. wish i could remember what it was.

  2. James May is obviously a man of many talents and interests! I have enjoyed watching him on Top Gear for years (with narry a mention of his interest in plasticine gardening!).

    This might just be the water saving gardening answer the arid Southwest has been looking for!


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