Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bat Yam 2010

I posted here about the 2008 Bat-Yam international biennale of landscape urbanism, and was pleased to get an email annoucing the upcoming 2010 version focusing on Urban Action. The Bat-Yam Biennale functions as a laboratory through which attitudes in and towards urban space are examined. A variety of sites throughout the historic city of Bat-Yam are on the table for ideas... a chance to participate in the ephemeral.

The 2010 version, Urban Action, will focus "...on the tension between the temporary and the permanent, between the planned and the experienced. The Biennale examines the occasionally tense relationships between the city’s attempt to create order through long-term plans, and the everyday chaos that is the product of that process. Our goal is to encourage spaces and situations that function from within the state of a given temporality, drawing energy from this very flexibility.... The Biennale will examine whether it's possible to encourage urban situations that use temporality and change as their raw materials. The Biennale asks whether the state of temporality can become a statutory classification. Urban actions will strive to change patterns and attitudes, promoting partnership of the residents with the city. The Biennale also redefines relationships between residents, planners, stakeholders and the municipality."

There is an open call for entries on the site... and if the last version is any indication, the project interventions will be innovative and inspirational. Check it out here.

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