Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hoax of the Week

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This one was pretty good and definitely had a bunch of folks going (via > via curbed)... The concept: "Bulldoze under Central Park and replace it with a modern, international airport. The idea is so simple, so beautifully elegant, so inevitable that it’s hard to believe we didn’t think of it ourselves. Rather, credit the shadowy figures behind The Manhattan Airport Foundation, who’ve worked up an incredibly detailed plan to turn Frederick Law Olmsted’s bucolic paradise into a postmodern universe of runways, terminals, and baggage claims. Good news for purists, too: per the Manhattan Airport FAQ, “Whenever possible, vestigial architectural elements of the Park space be retained or reworked into the context of the new design.”

:: images via curbed

Funny! Really f@ckin' funny... I do like the graphics though.

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  1. funny! looks just nice enough to almost be convincing.


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